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AndOver Financial Investments can assist you with building, growing, managing and adapting to change..

Looking for a First-Class Business Loan and Investment partners?

Personal Finance

Personal offer of flexible, functional and highly effective loan plans under our innovative schemes for personal finance. Individuals can now enjoy a range of  products from automobile, educational and mortgage financing.

SME Finance

We ensure a range of customized solutions to help grow small or medium-sized businesses and enterprises. We have been catering to companies owing to our wide reach to both local and international businesses.

Corporate Finance

It is our constant endeavor to bestow structure to every corporate capital and to find avenues of adding value to the firm for shareholders. Our team of experts will take you through the options that hold potential for you.

What we do for you

We cater to individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and corporations with the objective of encouraging healthy growth through the provision of  effective finance solutions and superlative diversified investment plans.

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Our Services

Industrial focus

Deal Sourcing, Project Incubation

AFI looks for exceptional investment opportunities and our investment opportunities are sourced and our projects developed to meet the requirements of specific clients and/or investors

Due Diligence, Transaction Structuring

AFI believes in fully due-diligenced projects, we strive to incorporate return-enhancing, risk-reducing, incentive aligning features in our transaction structures. Proposed investments are also tested for compliance with principles.

Advisory, Investment Consulting

AFI lends its wealth of expertise in providing corporate finance solutions to its clients and portfolio companies, in terms of financing strategy, balance sheet optimization, cost of capital reduction, and resolution of temporary liquidity issues.

Equity Funding, Financial Services

AFI has exceptional access to capital through its shareholders, strategic partners, clients and investors around the world. We start at $10 million, we don’t shy away from “large tickets”, and can execute transaction financing in record time.

Debt Funding, Loan
Paycheck Protection

We leverage our team’s extensive experience to structure and arrange customized compliant debt finance, including acquisition finance, project finance, working capital finance and other term loans and corporate loans from our network of local a global lenders.

Active Management,
Exit management

AFI  prides  itself  with  providing  its  expertise  throughout  the  investment  life  cycle,  by  providing  enduring  supports  to  companies  in  terms  of  strategic  management,  business  and  corporate  development,  public   offering, etc                   .


Our expertise is your gain

Openness, diversity and continuous learning are our key strengths.

Our customers gain technical and strategic expertise. But more importantly, they gain a trusted partner.

Customer satisfaction 90%
Performance 80%
Experience 70%


We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital without the need for collateral. This is only possible at Andover Financial
Investment LLP. We have vast access to funds from our numerous investors and private clients. This is a service that is heavily regulated. Note: Terms & Conditions may apply.

Andover Financial Investment LLP do understand the predicament and risks associated with investing in startups. However, we do invest in startups with ease after our experts must have gone through the business or project plans.

Because our investors mostly are not the day to day banks but individuals or entities represented by us most business funding happens within days , weeks and some may take months depending on the nature of the business or projects that required the fund. For small projects of upto $10 million fund could be secured 5 working days of contracting agreement.

Anyone from any country qualify for our business partnership so long as our contractual agreement is fulfilled. The terms and conditions may apply depending on ones location but we do not restrict bounds to any place.


Investment Focus

Private Equity

Andover Financial Investment looks for unique opportunities across all segments of the private equity spectrum: expansion capital, buyout, turnaround, special situations. We like to partner with strong operators, either the original management of target companies, or new management we bring in, or third party industry experts providing the required domain expertise to develop the investment value. We like to structure investments in a way that maximizes the downside protection and best aligns the incentives.

We favor sectors which are synergistic with the underlying growth trends in the AFI such as, industrial, manufacturing, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, education, conventional and renewable energy, technology, tourism and financial services.

We take a life cycle approach to our investments, by taking an active role from entry to exit, with a view to maximize the returns to our investors.


Venture Capital

Andover Financial Investment sources opportunity to invest from an early stage in the company life cycle, in innovative projects and companies where technology has largely been de-risked or risk-reduced.

That can be the case in post-revenue, late stage venture transactions in companies which have the potential to rapidly reach on international scale. We typically prefer larger rounds of financing required to scale-up commercial operations overseas, either by setting-up strategic manufacturing plants overseas (we like to think that the AFI is an attractive location) or overseas commercial operations, distribution platforms, or franchises.

Also, we like to launch new ideas and projects from the ground-up (greenfield), when we have identified a compelling investment case, an arbitrage opportunity, a unique asset to be leveraged, a disruptive business model or a proven technology that is well suited and can be easily deployed in the markets we know.




Infrastructure development underpins GDP growth across our target markets. Infrastructure, being an asset-based investment category also lends itself naturally to non-collateral  financing. We focus on the following infrastructure categories: transportation and logistics (roads, ports, and logistic hubs), conventional and renewable energy (generation, transmission), touristic infrastructure, social infrastructure (schools, hospitals), water, sewage, cooling infrastructure.

In partnership with reputable institutional and private investors, Andover Financial Investment established footprint in the Africa Project Development, an early stage infrastructure project development company focusing primarily on Africa, through which we have access to a separate pool of capital, readily available for investment.


Real Estate

In a market characterized by ups and down in the real estate asset class, our focus is to look for opportunities with a steady cash yield and some protection on the capital. We seek to reduce tenant risk by investing in single-tenant assets with low tenant turnover. Greenfield development or not, we have interest in assets throughout the Uk, but also overseas.

We have developed a unique know-how in Education and Healthcare real estate, which offer both compelling economics and social impact. We like sale-and-lease-back opportunities in high yielding assets, where the tenant is known to us and is looking at permanent or temporary liquidity. We also can leverage our strategic relationships with some of the world’s largest developers to build large scale commercial and residential projects from the ground up.


Portfolios - Track Record

Turkish State Railways

Asset Classification:        Venture Capital

Client Location:             Ankra, Turkey

Project Amount:              301.3 million Euros

Project Status:                 Ongoing presently

The Hub Tennis Club

Asset Classification:        Equity Funding

Client Location:               Silicon Oassis, Dubai South

Project Amount:            87.62 million USD

Project Status:                 Ongoing presently

22.25 Mw Jesuita Small Hydropower Plant (hpp).

Asset Classification:        Venture Capital

Client Location:             Jesuita, Brazil

Project Amount:              113 million Euros

Project Status:                 Ongoing presently

444-km Kochi-Mangaluru gas pipeline

Asset Classification:     Secured Assets Loan

Client Location:            Gail, India

Project Amount:           7.631 Billion USD

Project Status:              Completed & Operational

Staff Accommodation

Asset Classification:        Real Estate – Private Equity

Client Location:               Dubai, UAE

Project Amount:              31 million USD

Project Status:                 Completed & Operational

Turkish State Railways

Asset Classification:        secure Premium Corporate Finance

Client Location:            Oikos , Canvey Island UK

Project Amount:              12.3 billion Euros

Project Status:                 Completed & Operational

Supply and Installation of CIPP Sewer Liners

Asset Classification:   Non-secured Loan

Client, Location:        Capital Sewer, ON Canada

Project Amount:        78 million USD

Project Status:           Yet to Take off

Bahrain Al Dur 3 IWPP
Phase III

Asset Classification:  Corporate Secured Loan

Client, Location:      GCC, Bahrain

Project Amount:      1.1 billion USD

Project Status:          Phase III underway

Diwa house housing project,

Asset Classification:   Private Equity

Client, Location:        Diwa House, Hamburg Germany

Project Amount:        513.18 million USD

Project Status:           Yet to Take off, Mid 2022

Nipoel Agro project Cashmir India

Asset Classification:   Venture Capital

Client, Location:        Nipoel, Cashmir India

Project Amount:        713 million USD

Project Status:           Yet to Take off 2022

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